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IAIW stands for I Am over who I Was.

Our services offer the highest quality of therapy to meet the counselling needs of women and female teenagers who are emotionally injured. This usually includes unresolved childhood trauma and adult experiences that can or have lead to dysfunctional effects. We specialise in understanding women's issues and will support you through your journey of healing.

We offer 1:1 face to face and online sessions with accredited therapists by the name of Bantu and a certified councillor Saphir.

We specialize in giving relationship coaching specific to helping you to gain a higher understanding of self, finding your purpose and redefining your past so that it doesn't negatively affect your loved ones. 

Your mental health equates to your mental strength.

We have learnt to understand & prioritise the needs of each person. We are looking to work closely with you in order to create solid communication strategies internally and externally. We can reassure you it will produce measurable and profitable results both short term and long term.

Peace & Love.

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Abigail K 

“I have booked 5 sessions with IAIW and I can say that their sessions are very insightful. Because of them, I have learnt a lot of things about myself that I did not know. One of the topics that I specifically learnt a lot about was relationships. I realised that to be in a relationship, I need to know what it is that I have to offer to be respected. I have also realised that it is important that I start setting boundaries as well, as this shows that I respect myself. I will definitely continue to book more sessions with IAIW!”

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